elcome aboard Wild Sea Sefood's website.  We are absolutely dedicated to supplying our customers with the finest quality boneless wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets at jaw-dropping, fisherman-to-market wholesale prices.

We are proud that our fish are caught by the only all-refrigerated, bled, commercial fishing fleet in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  This means the highest quality available. The fish are processed and flash-frozen within short hours of harvest resulting in same day fresh-caught quality.  Our Signature sockeye is processed by Leader Creek Fisheries--an award winning, FDA approved and certified Marine Stewardship Council processor.

Wild Sea Seafood was founded by a quality conscious fisherman working directly with Leader Creek to maintain this premium fresh-caught quality.  We are pleased to say we know first hand how our fish have been handled from ocean to plate. We are the ones who physically bled the fish, placed them in our ice cold sea water and delivered them to the safe hands of our quality processor.  Together, we provide sockeye’s natural signature red color with the promised signature freshness of Wild Sea Seafood’s ‘Signature Sockeye' brand. 

We acknowledge the incredible value of sustainable, all-natural seafood from the cold alaskan sea and are dedicated to maintaining its excellence. Our commitment to our customers is no less.


  Wild Sea Seafood From Quality Fishermen, serving you DIRECT
                  Family Owned, Fished & Operated since 2002                                                  

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